What types of data are available?

We are only focused on providing historical tick data. At launch we will provide over 4500 US stock tickers and over 120 FX crosses.

Are delisted tickers available?

Yes, we include delisted tickers such as YHOO.

How is the tick data accessed?

We provide several methods for data access:

  • Download zipped csv files: For this method, you select the tickers and date range, the zipped files are then generated and you can download them from your member page.
  • Ftp download csv files : As above, you select tickers and dates, the files are then placed in your ftp folder and your can use ftp download to access them.
  • API : you can query the API and be return json data.

What is the date range for the data?

The data is available for the period from Jan 1 2005 to 15 minutes prior to the request.

Do you offer any free data?

Yes, you can try out full one year samples for the 10 most active stocks at our free tick data samples page.

Do you provide real-time data?

No, the data is delayed 15 minutes. Therefore the most recent data available will be 15 minutes prior to the request.

What are the limits on data requests.

For the API we limit to 300,000 tick records per per minute. For the csv donwloads you can request unlimited data, however, it will only be delivered at the rate of 1 years per minute for each ticker.)