Historical Tick Data

Research-quality historical tick data. Our historical tick data archive is error-tested, cleaned and ideal for backtesting trading solutions as well as market micro-structure analysis.

TickHistory Data

Our institutional-grade data is used by hedge-funds, individual traders and academic institutions.

Extensive Archive

Our tick data archive is updated daily and covers over 10 years (starting 2010) covering 4500 stock tickers.

Trade/Quote Data

We provide full histories for both executed trades and NBBO (Level 1) bid/ask quotes.

Exchange Coverage

Data is aggregated from 12 exchanges to provide a comprehensive record of trading.

Efficient Requests

Our 25TB (25,000GB) archive is available for on-demand downloads for specific tickers (eg MSFT-2018).

High Quality Data

We test all trade ticks for consistency, out-of-sequence ticks, duplicate ticks and data feed errors.

Fast Delivery

All data is hosted on the Google Cloud Network for the fastest possible delivery speeds.

Please review our FAQ Page for full details and sample data.